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Something About Alycia

My name is Alycia Kohlhoff...
I am 14 years old in 8th grade, and I love animals, visiting my friends, talking on the phone and Jeff Corwin, he's so cool. I have a little sister named Brittanie, she's 9. My dad is a computer technician for a major west coast pharmacy chain. My mom stays home with us, she is a webpage designer, writer and seriously addicted to the internet...She helped me do this site. We began designing it a few years ago when Jeff's first show "Going Wild With Jeff Corwin" aired on Disney Channel. During that time, I got to meet him which was my best experience ever. 
He's really a great guy.
 More about me?  My favorite color is...Pink. I have a hyper dog named Java. She acts like she drank too much coffee or something. She's a black Shar-Pei (wrinkle dog). We also have 2 hamsters named Cookie and Stitch and I have a little black mouse named Hermione
(Love Harry Potter). 
 I love to go to the movies, shop at the mall and read books...I am also in Chorus at school...I'm taking Drama next year in High School. 
I tried it out this year and I loved it. 
 I'm a Red Belt 1st degree in Karate as of
3-31-03. My favorite food is Pizza.
I start High School in August.  I'm pretty nervous about that, but it's a brand new school and we'll be the first graduating class so that's pretty cool. 
Newest bit of info is that I'm dating
a really great guy now.  I'm really just happy with
how things are going.  He's the best. <Hugs 2 C>
 That's about all I can think of, ya wanna know something, just ask...Send me an e-mail or something.

Just Me At Home

Me In Karate

My sister Brittanie and I
I'm on the right!