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Old Web Polls
What Did You Have to say

How can he eat those things?
Does it gross you out when Jeff eats those weird things on the show?

Yup, big time (63) 23%
A little bit (42) 16%
No, I eat gross things too. (26) 10%
No, I think it's cool he does that (122) 45%
I can't find my answer here (17) 6%

270 Total Votes
The Jeff Corwin Experience Poll
What Do You Think Of Jeff's New Show?

It roars, it's the best yet (15) 96%
King of the jungle, it's pretty good  (1) 6%
Slithers in and beats out Going Wild (0) 0%  
Not really a bad egg (0) 0%  
Gave it a stinky skunk rating (0) 0%  

16 Total Votes

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