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Hogsmeade Trading Cards

Collect Your Own
But Tell Them
Alycia Sent You


Need 16


Need 1,3,19,26,28

Collecting Moony

Maybe Keeper


Wanna Trade
Email Alycia

Card Count 113

Willing To Trade

House Cards
(Will Only Trade For Slytherin House Cards)

For A Really Good Deal




Archived Trades

Solved Quibbler and Scrambled, got two cards.
Did the trivia challenge...Wow that was hard. Got Cards.
Traded Burrow 3 with Tear bear for Potions 12.
Played 3 games, got Aparecium card.
Played 3 games, got 3 cards.
Submitted pic for Accio contest, got a card.
Got giveaway card
Played 2 games
Serpensortia 14 for Newsletter.
Got Serpensortia 19 for givaway.
Traded Patronum 21 For Potions 11 with Bill
Traded Patronum 25 for Potions 23 with Wendy
Played 3 games. Got Cards.
Hidden Link.
Word Scramble.
Picture Scramble.
I got Serpensortia 12 for Accio card game...Finalist top 10.
Found Links, played Pix game and word scramble got 3 cards.
Got SLytherin 11 house card for Hufflepuff 15 With Brit.
Got Slytherin 12 from Bertie Bott's game Yay!
Found Link.
Played games.
Yay Lupin Cards! Lets Partay!
Got 2 Serpensortia cards for my accio card.
Played Hermione's Scrambler, Picture Scramble and Hidden Link.
Played game, got a card.