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Wednesday 12/05/01
Deep in the Amazon jungle near Manaus, Brazil

Off taping his latest adventure for The Jeff Corwin Experience, the enthusiastic young biologist/humorist Jeff Corwin now has another behind-the-scenes tale to tell at dinner.

While his TV crew rested for the day yesterday, Jeff and a local herpetologist were out at night "looking around" in the jungle for critters when Jeff spied a fer-de-lance snake. As Jeff attempted to temporarily capture the animal to have a closer look it promptly bit him on his finger!

Unfortunately getting bit comes with territory for a guy like Corwin. Here's the interesting part: The snakes fang went right through the fleshy part of his finger and the venom squirted out the other side into the night air. The local biologist was astounded and admittedly Jeff was a little shocked also.

Corwin and the local guide retreated and hooked back up with his TV crew who kept a close eye on Jeff overnight. He refused treatment maintaining that no venom had entered his system.

Jeff turned out to be right. In the morning the finger was a little swollen and the adventure was able to continue. Oh and yes...Jeff managed to hold on to the snake long enough to include it in the upcoming Amazon episode of his TV show.

After all, the show must go on.

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