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Message Sent To Us on January 19th (Alycia's Birthday)
From Disney Channel


Dear Subscriber,

Thanks for your mail.

The series you requested is not available for
purchase on video nor is it scheduled for
broadcast on Disney Channel at this time.  We have
forwarded your comments to our programming
department for their future consideration.

Again, thank you for writing to us.  We hope you
will continue to find our currently-scheduled
programs to your liking.

Please visit us again.

Disney Channel

A note from Alycia and Wendy (her Mom):
Sadly, we don't have much control over
Disney Channel's choices in programming. 
But we can let them know how tragic this is,
that they have taken one of the most entertaining
educational series off their schedule for now.
Please take the time to drop them a line, here:

Disney channel by E-Mail

Maybe we can make the difference...