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Chat With Jeff Corwin

Second Chat With Jeff Corwin!

Zoogerator: It's Jeff Corwin week here in the Zeether! And who else would we be talking 
with today? No, Not Simba! Jeff Corwin himself! So let's go get him, shall we? Welcome 
Jeff_Corwin: Hi, everybody! Glad you guys could be in on the chat!
Robert: How do lizards change their color?
Jeff_Corwin: Well, not all lizards do change their color. But those that do have special
packages of pigments in their skin. Pigments are what give you color in your hair and
your skin. These packages are the actual pigment. For instance, pigment in humans is 
called melanin. Just like people, lizards have pigment. And some lizards can change theirs.
The pigments in lizards that change their skin color. The pigment packets are like folded 
umbrellas or parasols. When an animal gets excited, the lizard stimulates that packet of
pigment and it opens it up like an umbrella. Millions and millions of these are in their 
skin, creating a flash of color.
Jessicabond: Jeff, have u ever been bitten by any of the animals on the show?
Jeff_Corwin: I have! Usually when I haven't been careful enough. Just recently Australia
I got bitten by a knob-tail gecko.
Spawn49: Is it scary to work with snakes?
Jeff_Corwin: No. Snakes are my most favorite type of creature.

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