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Chat With Jeff Corwin

Second Chat With Jeff Corwin!

Zoogerator Hey there hi there ho there my Zoogy little buddies!
Zoogerator Welcome back to the Zeethatorium!
Zoogerator Today, we're excited to have with us as our guest Jeff Corwin,
Zoogerator star and host of "Going Wild with Jeff Corwin"!
Zoogerator He's here to answer all your questions about the show and any animal questions you might have.
Zoogerator So let's turn the stage over to the one and only Jeff Corwin!
Jeff_Corwin Hi everybody!
aliengurl What makes you like the most about animals?
Jeff_Corwin I've always been fascinated by wildlife and the diversity of creatures that live on the planet
Jeff_Corwin particularly the ones that gross people out!
boomer91 did Jeff always wanna be a Star with animals
Jeff_Corwin No, I always wanted to work with them, and those I felt were unique.
Jeff_Corwin I always wanted to travel to exotic places, and in the end it all came together!
jettie15 Jeff How long have you been studing animals
Jeff_Corwin Since I was a very young child, 7 or 8 years old.
megazurf2 Jeff, what is your favorite animal
Jeff_Corwin I have many favorites, but some of my top ones include
Jeff_Corwin lots of different types of snakes, marine animals, too many to list.
pupcare Of all the animals you have found which of them was the most dangerous ?
Jeff_Corwin Well, the most dangerous in that it has the best form of protection, and the most venomous
Jeff_Corwin is the snake, although not necessarily the most dangerous depending on how you observe it.
kirzz Have you ever been hurt or bitten by a wild animal?
Jeff_Corwin I have on a number of occasions by snakes. I look at it as being my fault for not being as careful as I should be.
Jeff_Corwin I try to avoid them, but mistakes happen.
nicknoodles Whats the rarest animal in the world?
Jeff_Corwin Oh, there are many rare creatures in the world
Jeff_Corwin There are some birds, honey creepers in Hawaii where there are only a few left. There are rare mammals from all over the world.
Jeff_Corwin There's the Galapagos tortoise, which is almost extinct too.
tipup Did you ever talk about beetles on your program??(not the singing kind)
Jeff_Corwin We've looked at the rhinoceros beetles in Asia and dung beetles in the northwest.
kirzz What happens when you can't find the feature creature?
Jeff_Corwin We always do it when we're filming the show. It's the first creature we cover.
Jeff_Corwin Basically, we always find it because it's our first priority!
alm3ds what is your favorite animal discovery?
Jeff_Corwin I've had many favorites. I'd say some are the king cobra, the gray whale, the manatee…
Jeff_Corwin I just recently did a platypus too.
morganleepowers what is your faviote aminal
Jeff_Corwin Snakes are my favorite creatures.
sevenofninex What is a DeKay brown snake?
Jeff_Corwin The DeKay brown snake is a common species of snake. Often lives in gardens, and also in urban environments too.
rytay Have you ever seen a coti?
Jeff_Corwin I've seen a coatimundi many times!
ur2good2b4gotton Will you take a request for a show? I want a big cats show i love cats!=)
Jeff_Corwin We do lots of cats. In fact, we do 2-3 shows each season where we encounter felines.
Jeff_Corwin We've done lions and panthers, cheetahs...and we'll probably do them again.
lyttlezoog Where did you see your first animal?
Jeff_Corwin I was a little boy, with my father fishing, and I saw a turtle swimming in the water.
Jeff_Corwin I tried to catch it, but when I thought I caught it in my hand, there was nothing there!
micky113 why do baracudas get brown stripes when there mad and ready to strike
Jeff_Corwin Many fishes can change colors. It can match emotion, or function as camouflage. But it doesn't necessarily mean anger with the barracuda.
Jeff_Corwin For example, it rarely strikes a swimmer out of anger.
cyberchettah jeff-do you think that a gorilla could get to the size of king kong or mighty joe young?
Jeff_Corwin Very unlikely!
Jeff_Corwin If it did, it would not survive. Gravity would probably kill it.
zmattrushz how many differnt countries have you been to
Jeff_Corwin Probably near 30 or more.
sarah246 Did you work at a zoo or something before getting your own show?
Jeff_Corwin No, I've never worked at a zoo. I've worked with zoos, and conservation organizations, but never at a zoo.
soccerchamp3 What is a kinkaju?
Jeff_Corwin A kinkajou is a mammal, a relative of the raccoon family. It's a small animal eater that lives in central and south America, and it's nocturnal.
atchison87 Jeff do you normally take kids on your show with you.
Jeff_Corwin Not usually, no. Because we go to remote places, and sometimes they're not always safe, and it would be hard to get permission to get kids to go.
jeffcorwin88 How do you like it in Africa?
Jeff_Corwin I loved it! Africa is one of my favorite places. It's very vast, and there are amazing animals there!
micky113 how many times does a snake SHED SKIN IN A YEAR
Jeff_Corwin It depends on how much it's growing, and what kind of snake.
Jeff_Corwin Some shed once every few months, some once or twice a year. It really depends on the kind of snake and how much it's growing.
kandy2000 hey jeff,do you really go into the wild,or is it just a place where a bunch of animals are where you can go?
Jeff_Corwin We really go into the wild.
zhann Have any of the animals ever frightened you?
Jeff_Corwin Not really, I've been nervous, but not really frightened.
coolzooger1234567 what was the most scarest thing you had to do?????????
Jeff_Corwin Probably take my GRE's!
zhann Do any of those strange foods actually taste good?
Jeff_Corwin Sometimes they taste good, but most of the times I'm not used to the flavors.
cyberchettah jeff-what animal that you have found in the wild would you most like as a house pet?
Jeff_Corwin Many of them have amazed me, and I wished I lived near them so I can see them often.
Jeff_Corwin But I can't think of many wild animals that make good pets, especially in the house. It's more fun to visit their house!
jennlt15 what is the longest animal in the world jeff ?
Jeff_Corwin The blue whale. It's about 100 feet long.
stephenreaugh Jeff,what do you know about black scorpions?
Jeff_Corwin There are many different species that are black in color. Some are mildly venomous, and some are so strong they can knock down a man.
sporter101 is it hard to wrestle a aligator?
Jeff_Corwin It sure is!
Jeff_Corwin I don't recommend it!
zacharypackary Hey Jeff, My brother Tyler and I enjoy your show. Have you ever thought about going to the wilds of Alaska. I am sure there are a lot of great wild animals to see.
Jeff_Corwin Funny you should ask! We just got back a couple of months ago.
Jeff_Corwin We were looking for Kodiak bears.
manthathi How did you learn to handle the animals carefully?
Jeff_Corwin Trial and error and reading. Mostly observing animals up close and how they move.
Jeff_Corwin When in doubt you leave them alone!
seespot Do you eat any animals?
Jeff_Corwin Yes, I eat fish. And a lot of mollusks.
cyberchettah jeff-what might happen to the animals that live by the colorado river if it completly dries up?
Jeff_Corwin Well, the animals that are better adapted to change will survive. Those that are more sensitive and require more water, and a reliably moist environment would disappear.
kandy2000 do you think you will carry on this proffession, or in a couple of yrs would you like to do something else?
Jeff_Corwin I enjoy it very much, the adventure, the exploration.
Jeff_Corwin What's great about Going Wild is that I get to share it. So right now I feel great and I'm having fun.
Jeff_Corwin But who knows what the future will be!
Pkwcsw our family thinks this is one of the best family shows on today and it is very informative and truly geared towards the children thanks for such a great program!!!!!!!!
Jeff_Corwin Thank you very much for tuning in!
soccerchamp3 In fourth grade what was your average grade? I am an honor roll student! I also know a lot about animals.
Jeff_Corwin Well, I wasn't a very good student in elementary school. It wasn't until I got to college that I learned to study in a way that I would learn best.
stephenreaugh Jeff,about how many types of mammals do you think you have seen on your show?
Jeff_Corwin Hundreds! All different types from some of the smallest to some of the biggest living on the planet!
sevenofninex what is the smallest mammal?
Jeff_Corwin The smallest mammal would be a small insectivorous shrew.
sporter101 when you sleep in the jungle are you afraid
Jeff_Corwin Not usually, that's one of my favorite places to sleep. As long as I have bug repellent!
stephenreaugh Jeff, I'm curious, have you joined any type of endangered animals to save kind of group?
Jeff_Corwin At the moment, I'm not directly connected to any conservation group.
Jeff_Corwin But I encourage people participating , who watch the show, to get involved with organizations.
Jeff_Corwin It is a priority of mine to do more work in that area when I have the time.
zhann What is the most beautiful place you have visited searching for animals?
Jeff_Corwin I have to say one of the last places I was at Tasmania. It was so beautiful. I can't wait to go back.
chrislun do you worry about getting diseases at all?
Jeff_Corwin Sometimes. And I have been very sick in the fast. Dengue fever, which you get from a mosquito parasite.
Jeff_Corwin I usually stay healthy though....but it's a worry.
stephenreaugh Will you ever visit Asian animals again?
Jeff_Corwin I hope so! We have plans to go to China next year, maybe Japan also.
cmduncan What can we do to save endangered species?
Jeff_Corwin You have to act locally and globally. You have to be careful how you use resources in your life.
Jeff_Corwin Things you do impact on the environment.
Jeff_Corwin Ultimately, whatever we do, it has to protect individual species, as well as their habitats.
melaineme4 Hello I'm Here with Jessica who is 4 and she wants to know how to take care of an iguana.
Jeff_Corwin Iguanas can be surprisingly difficult to care for.
Jeff_Corwin They need lots of warmth, 80-85 degrees. They need a light that can imitate the colors of sunlight.
Jeff_Corwin They need this energy also to process vitamins, and a varied diet, with different types of vegetation.
Jeff_Corwin They need fresh water...all these things present quite a challenge. Many don't survive in captivity because they don't get these things.
tinkap How do you pick a feature creature?
Jeff_Corwin We look for an animal that people either know nothing about, or is mysterious...or one that will surprise you...that has a background you might not know about.
Jeff_Corwin It has to be an animal we can track down or locate. And it has to be special.
zeetherchatterbox Have you ever looked for a animal and didn't find it?
Jeff_Corwin No. We've had situations where we had to go back and spend extra time to find them. Usually, though, it comes together.
Jeff_Corwin Yes, I was stalked by a leopard once. Kind of scary.
Jeff_Corwin I've been chased by an elephant. I was behind a tree, and he came up and tried to push it over.
Jeff_Corwin Africanized killer bees also have tried to attack me.
tiosariana Have you ever done a show in your hometown of Boston?
Jeff_Corwin I live more out on Cape Cod, but we might do that someday. I live in a funky ecosystem area and that could be interesting to do.
chrislun Does the octupus relly spurt out ink like stuff?
Jeff_Corwin It really does.
Jeff_Corwin I have. You'll see him coming up soon on the show. We did hedgehogs last week in Africa, and later this season, echidnas.
coolzooger1234567 what is a chinchilla????
Jeff_Corwin A chinchilla is a very highly-energized rodent that lives in dry habitats in South America.
john102846 We have this weird kinda of bug in our house but we don't know what kind it is it looks like something I have never seen before!
Jeff_Corwin That's tough to answer, being that the greatest amount of creatures on our planets are insects.
Jeff_Corwin There are millions of possibilities, depending on where you live. You should get a good book on insects to try and solve the riddle.
weirdo529 jeff my favorites animals are turtles and tortoises. do they move as slow as people think??????
Jeff_Corwin Not necessarily. They can move at a good pace when warm.
Jeff_Corwin And sea turtles in the water can outswim a diver or sailboats and even some fish.
lyttlezoog Is a bat poisinous?
Jeff_Corwin Not at all.
sonnypuma What school did you go to? and what did you study?
Jeff_Corwin My undergraduate education was at Bridgewater State College where I got degrees in anthropology and biology.
Jeff_Corwin Then the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where I studied bats.
shoeneckkid Did you ever see a wolf pack?
Jeff_Corwin Yes I have...very exciting to see.
quicksilverchic13 have you done anything on Hippo's recently? Hippos are my favorite animal.
Jeff_Corwin No, not since we were in Africa, but I would like to go back and see them again.
jillianalyssa I recently heard that the male platypus has venom sacs in its rear paws. Is this true?
Jeff_Corwin It is true. He has spurs that produce a very painful venom, designed to ward off other males. They are very territorial. It also can ward off predators with them.
keagan27 HOw many types of birds are there in the rain forest
Jeff_Corwin There are thousands of species of birds that live in the rain forests.
Jeff_Corwin For example, in Belize, a country the size of Massachusetts, you can find over 500 species of birds, which is more than the entire continent of North America.
stratocaster89 How much water can an elephant drink in a day?
Jeff_Corwin I'm not sure, but a LOT. In just one hour, the entire blood supply of an elephant passes through its ears -- now THAT I remember! But the amount of water, I can't recall.
cocodogx3andme Have you ever found an animal that was hurt and you nursed it back to health?
Jeff_Corwin Yes, when I was growing up, I worked at an animal rehabilitation center.
Jeff_Corwin We did a lot of that with raccoons, birds, turtles, many creatures.
jessgingijeremy Is there anyone that you've looked up to, or admired when it comes to handling animals?
Jeff_Corwin Many people. I admire Jacques Cousteau, David Attenborough, scientists like Darwin and Wallace.
weirdo529 i heard a centipede could kill a poisonous spider and spiders can kill snakes. does that mean centipedes can kill snakes??????
Jeff_Corwin There are some species of centipedes that are so big and so ferocious, they will eat everything from rodents to spiders to lizards and small snakes.
Jeff_Corwin The sting they deliver could be so painful to a human being that even if the person survives, they may wish they were dead.
Jeff_Corwin They can be as large as 11 inches long!
Jeff_Corwin You can find those in Central and South America.
auzy Have you ever seen an Anaconda? And do you think They are the largest snake? I think they are. I heard of one that was 40 feet long! Wow!
Jeff_Corwin They certainly are the largest snake, in that they are the fattest, as they can be as thick as two telephone poles.
Jeff_Corwin Pythons are longest, up to 30 ft.
Jeff_Corwin I have caught anacondas in the wild, in South America, and in fact, had one swim right between my legs in muddy water!
zeetherchatterbox Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk?
Jeff_Corwin I have! A couple of find out who your friends are then!
jessgingijeremy Do you like to surf the web? And if you do, what are some of your favorite sites?
Jeff_Corwin I'm really not a web-surfer. I use my computer more for word processing, but I manage to find time to get to Zoog Disney of course!
wildcrazykid how big is the biggest gorilla?
Jeff_Corwin Probably a silver-back male gorilla. It can reach over a thousand pounds.
merzzie About how many types of dogs are there?
Jeff_Corwin There are many members of the species canidae, such as wolves and African dogs and so many more. Quite a few.
Aaallllllllll Why do cobra's puff out their head when their ready to strike??
Jeff_Corwin They puff up as a defense, to make themselves seem larger. This is to frighten away predators.
Jeff_Corwin They would rather frighten them away than expel venom.
Jeff_Corwin It is hollow to create insulation.
Jeff_Corwin It also has no pigment in it. It's not really white, but rather, colorless.
kaylatn How do ants carry their food. they are so small, and they can carry a lot.
Jeff_Corwin They're very strong. They have strong jaws, which act like the lift bucket on a bulldozer, so they can carry things.
alienfriend hi Jeff Corwin my question is how does a fly stand on the ceiling without falling?
Jeff_Corwin It has adhesive-like discs and small hooks that can help them cling to the surface they are on.
akonio In your show, do you plan things ahead of time, or do you just film as you go along?
Jeff_Corwin A combination. We have a blueprint of what we want to accomplish. But it's hard to predict nature.
Jeff_Corwin Weather and animals don't always cooperate.
jscac22 why did you eat the LIVE CRICKET???????????
Jeff_Corwin I did that to illustrate how protein and nourishment can come in all sizes and shapes.
Jeff_Corwin It was an important part of the diet of Native Americans many years ago, and still is in many parts of the world.
zeetherchatterbox Have you ever gotten lost in the wild ?
Jeff_Corwin I have. Twice. I got seriously lost, where they sent out search parties for me.
Jeff_Corwin Central America was one place, when I was hiking.
Jeff_Corwin One time I was leading a group of people to learn how NOT to get lost....
Jeff_Corwin It was supposed to be only 3 hours, and we were gone most of the day!
michaelallanedwar Were you reallly nervous when that snake got venom on your hand, or were you just pretending?
Jeff_Corwin I was really nervous, and I wish that hadn't happened!
Jeff_Corwin It was the first time we were filming our show, and I wanted to be careful.
Jeff_Corwin I was worried how I was explaining it.
Zoogerator Jeff, I'm afraid we've run out of time for today's chat.
Jeff_Corwin Thanks, fellow adventure companions, for getting in on this chat.
Jeff_Corwin I had a lot of fun.
Jeff_Corwin Just keep on watching the show and keep in contact with us. Let me know how you like it. Next week, I think we are in Alaska!
Zoogerator Remember, you can catch Jeff each week on Zoog Disney!
Zoogerator "Going Wild with Jeff Corwin" is on every Saturday and Sunday starting at 5:45pm!
Zoogerator You never know WHERE Jeff will go next!
Zoogerator And don't forget you can see more about Going Wild here in the Zeether at Zoog Disney!
Zoogerator You can write to Jeff there!
Zoogerator How cool is that???
Zoogerator Answer
Zoogerator VERY cool!
Zoogerator Everything Zoog is cool, in case you hadn't figured that out by now.
Zoogerator Remember to drop back here into the Zeethatorium next Monday
Zoogerator for a cool chat with Raven-Symone
Zoogerator the star of Disney Channel's original movie
Zoogerator "Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century"!
Zoogerator Come to the chat and find out how you can enter a contest
Zoogerator to go to Space Camp.
Zoogerator Thanks to all of you for dropping by!
Zoogerator Now everyone...
Zoogerator follow me over to the Going Wild section of Zoog Disney!
Zoogerator Now!
Zoogerator Go!
Zoogerator Do it!
Zoogerator You won't be disappointed!
Zoogerator Trust your humble Zoogerator!
Zoogerator See ya next week!
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