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It List


IT nature boy


AGE 35

WHY HIM? With his semi-serious, semi-slapstick delivery, Corwin brings hipster-geek
edge to croc (and critter) hunting on Animal Planet's The Jeff Corwin Experience.

CAREER LOW Getting canned from the Disney Channel's Going Wild With Jeff Corwin.
"I had that crushing feeling where you can't sleep, don't want to talk, and just want to eat....
I had some bad marshmallow spells."

CLOSEST BRUSH WITH CAREER IMMOLATION Crash-landing in a hot-air balloon
while on camera. "I remembered it as this sort of powerful, silent moment. Then we
played back the tape to hear four grown men screaming like banshees."

NASTY SECRET "I can go without a shower for two weeks and still be clean."
He says it's all about what you eat.

ON BIG-SCREEN OFFERS Corwin's been offered roles but has so far resisted
the acting bug. "I'm a biologist and this is what I'm known for.... I'd feel odd saying
'Dr. Ruth and I are doing a sitcom, Really Too Close for Comfort.'"

NEXT A special he describes as "Jeff Corwin meets Jurassic Park."

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