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The Wild About Jeff Corwin Crossword


1.Dolphins use this type of sonar to communicate and find food.
4.The owner of this website is.
6.Like 1 across, this creature of the night also uses sonar
7.Jeff's old show on Disney Channel ______ _______ with Jeff Corwin (2 words)
9.Most of Jeff's education took place in this state. (abbreviation please)
10.Lions live in a group called a ______.
11.A group of baby fish is called _______. (2 words)
12._______ Trax, an educational show Jeff starred in.
14.Over 113 million acres of this treasured land has been destroyed.
15.Jeff doesn't recommend you keep a wild animal as a _____.
16.Jeff's job on The Jason Project. He was an expedition ____________.


2.Jeff Corwin's mystery of the rain forest ______________. (2 words)
3.Jeff calls this animal the
 "forest man".
5.The uppermost part of the 
rainforest trees is called the ________.
6.The United States national bird
8.The King ______ a large hooded venomous snake.
13.A rattle on a rattlesnakes tale _______ creatures not to step on it.

Refer to this chart for numbers....

1 2   3                    
      4     5       6      
9           10              
15       16                  

Stumped See The Answers here