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Louisana Bayou: Congo Eel



I loved doing this show. I remember getting to the swamp in the early morning, with this misty light filling the swamp and everything waking up it was very cool. And there were so many animals, tons of snakes getting ready for their day. The temperature, the air, it all felt wonderful.


Back One unsettling thing did occur. When I first spotted the alligator he was 20 feet away and I was talking. Then I looked back, and the gator was eight feet away. And I knew that that's what they do. Alligators kind of sit there, sleepy-like, and drift closer until they're ready to spring. I was convinced he had his eyes on me. I was busy talking for the camera and could have ended up as the gator's lunch.


That swamp boat I was in wasn't much protection either. I nearly tipped it a few times, not a good thing to do with a hungry gator nearby.


Back I did eat those crawfish I caught, by the way. Darrow lives in the swamp and really knows how to cook them. He made a tasty dish of crawfish with a nice Cajun taste. If you get a chance, I recommend trying them sometime.
Back The trickiest part of this episode was handling the amphiuma. They have a painful bite and, as you saw, the one I had was pretty slippery. I had to be extremely careful getting it out of the net and into its tank.


Back And anytime I was in the water, water moccasins -- which are venomous -- went gliding by me. Most times I could simply push them away, but a few times I had to grab one behind its head and toss it away. Good thing I like snakes!