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Behind the Scenes: Yellowstone National Park



You won't see it on the show, but I had a tricky time operating that dory . It was an especially hard boat to maneuver since it was my first time running river rapids. I learned that the secret is to keep the boat just slightly behind the wave but still, I nearly tipped over a couple of times.


Back That wasn't my only trouble with water at Yellowstone. I knew that there was a spot where the cold and hot water mixed, where I could take my "Jacuzzi." But finding it wasn't easy. Plus, I had to be careful since the hot water is hot enough to cook a chicken and the cold is freezing!


I also had to watch out for the elk in the park. Besides the male elk making his braying noise, there were a lot of "satellite" males guarding the outside of the group. I wanted to get as close as possible, but I knew it could be dangerous to get in between them. I did edge close enough to take some pictures, but then I quickly backed away.


Back And you know those pine nuts you saw me eat? Those aren't the same tasty pine nuts you might taste in spaghetti sauce. They have a lot of pitch from the pine in them. They're somewhat edible, but not anywhere near tasty.


But I never mentioned the thing about Yellowstone that blew me away. Some of you may know that Yellowstone was ravaged by a terrible fire some years back. I was amazed to see how the park has repaired itself and rejuvenated. It's amazing -- and wonderful -- how nature makes a comeback after a disaster!